2024 Yellowstone Park Proposals

And so… here we go again! 2024 – The wonderful story of proposing marriage in our country’s first national park – Yellowstone National Park!

Gabe and Cora had pulled up stakes in Florida and were crossing this great nation in their sporty little Audi, stuffed front to back and side to side with clothes and the basic necessities until the moving van arrives.

Along the way across the country, they had planned to drive through Yellowstone Park to take in the views. Little did Cora know that Gabe had made arrangements with me to meet in Yellowstone Park on a certain date and time when he would propose! The grand plan was set and the timing was tweaked a bit along the road.

On that morning, when I had gotten deep into Yellowstone Park and headed toward our meeting spot, I discovered an unexpected road closure which forced my hand to make a change of location and communicate it to Gabe via text (hoping she would not notice). Of course there was no service at my location, so I drove out toward the west entrance until I found a couple bars of signal. I crossed my fingers and punched SEND. So, miraculously everything worked out. Actually, I was amazed when I saw them drive up to the parking area of the falls. I had my day pack over my shoulder and I took off down the trail… and walked right in front of them so he would see me. Needless to say, I was totally relieved!

I grabbed my camera and pretended to be snapping away at the water falls, and then… bingo! Gabe took a knee and the excitement flooded the canyon! Yep… it’s true.

To Cora and Gabe, may the adventure of your lives together always be blessed with that excitement!
Cheers to my new friends!
And… I’ll let the photos tell the rest of the story!

We took in some other spots of beauty in this magnificent place!

And it seemed fitting to end up in front of Old Faithful! smiles…

About the Author: Larry

With over 25 years of diverse professional photographic experience Larry brings depth and insight to his work. His style is described as a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic portraiture, capturing "beauty... as it occurs naturally". Larry attended the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and is an International Award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association and an active member of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS.