Yellowstone Spring Wedding

Finally winter has given way to spring and… How Sweet It Is!!! I was in our nation’s first national park last Saturday for the wedding of Jamie and Josh. Yellowstone National Park was in amazing form. We had no idea what the weather might do on the first day of June. We were hoping for sun, a few clouds and perhaps a nice sunset. This couple was in for much, much more.

As the wedding day flew by in a blur, I consulted with the bride and groom about the plans to drive out to another location in the park for the sunset. They made the sound decision to stay at the Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel to spend time with their friends and family instead. That was the right decision! Just awhile later someone came in from outside excitedly pronouncing RAINBOW! Out the door we went to capture a beautiful glowing rainbow to honor this couple and their love. See for yourself.

A sincere Thank You to my friend and accomplished photographer Lindsey Mulcare for shooting with me on this momentous occasion.

The ground was covered with small cactus so one of the powerful groomsman took matters into his own hands and carried the bride to the location of the photos.
The resulting images were epic.
These three have traveled to visit nearly all of America’s great Nation Parks!

The evening was consumed with hours of dancing… and these young people can dance!!! And that’s the subject of yet another upcoming blog post. Cheers to Josh and Jamie!

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