Yellowstone Park marriage proposal


Where do I begin?  Early in May I received an inquiry from a young man that was bringing his love of 5 years to Yellowstone Park.  He was planning a surprise proposal in grand fashion!!!  A few emails later we were on the phone discussing plans  and considering the options.  Chris and Jen are from Austin.  Chris has been in the park before and has family in the region and it was his dream to propose marriage to his sweet Jen. I get excited about LOVE stories!

So I did a little recon and research and was surprised to find out that as of this year a professional photographer when working for hire is required to have a license. Evidently, if you’re caught shooting commercially with your clients the fines are stiff!  I set the wheels in motion and jumped through a bunch of hoops and this week I received my Official Yellowstone Park Guide status for Photography and Painting!!!   Never thought I’d do that. I guess I need a hat…. bhahha

Chris and I put together a carefully planned meeting time.  I showed up 30 minutes to get the lay of the land and get into place.  Oh, by the way we had exchanges photos so we could recognize each other!

The plan worked flawlessly.  They walked to the wall overlooking the falls, Chris dropped to one knee and everyone with 50 feet watched in awe and then cheered uproariously when Jen said yes as she broke into happy, happy tears.

Here is the event in images.  Afterwords we chased the sun around the park, making photos and ended up at Yellowstone Lake.  It was good day!  A VERY GOOD DAY!!!  enjoy the view.

About the Author: Larry

With over 25 years of diverse professional photographic experience Larry brings depth and insight to his work. His style is described as a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic portraiture, capturing "beauty... as it occurs naturally". Larry attended the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and is an International Award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association and an active member of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS.

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  1. Mary Dyba says

    This is Chris”s mom.Thank you for the beautiful pictures. They are memories of a special moment which Jen and Chris will cherish forever.

  2. Timothy Gant says

    I’m one of Chris’ older nephews and soon to be one of Jen’s. You did a great job everybody loves the pictures.

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