Life is just too short!

A year ago I met and photographed with some very special women. It was the Cowgirl versus Cancer Retreat put on by Big Sky Yoga Retreats every summer.  It was there that I met Mary Ann Wasil and captured some of her inspiring moments in Montana.  I’m proud to be a part of this project and the big hearted work that Margaret does.

Life is too short! Mary Ann Wasil passed on after a valiant fight against breast cancer. Mary was the Founder and CEO of Get in Touch Foundation.  Now her daughter Betsy Nilan has taken over her mother’s position.

Mary Ann so loved her experience here in Montana that she took it back to her family in Connecticut. This week her three children Mary, Betsy and Eddy visited Montana to walk in the foot steps of their Mother. I met up with them at Montana Horse Sense ranch in Bozeman. Janice and Ron hosted them for a very special evening with the horse that their Mother loved. With loving reflection upon their Mother the three spread Mary Ann’s ashes under a dramatic sky and toasted her with Pink Champagne!

The valley was graced with a beautiful double rainbow. Tibetans view this as a sign of a soul liberating this mortal realm and the finish of the cycle of karmic rebirth.

Here’s to Mary Ann! May your eternal soul be liberated and free.
















Mary Ann Wasil







Mary Ann's Rainbow
Mary Ann’s rainbow


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With over 25 years of diverse professional photographic experience Larry brings depth and insight to his work. His style is described as a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic portraiture, capturing "beauty... as it occurs naturally". Larry attended the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and is an International Award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association and an active member of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS.

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  1. Peggie Hart says

    Thank you so much for writing this. I knew her kids were going to go on this beautiful experience and celebration for Mare, but the way you captured it made us all feel like we were there, too. I am one of Mare’s friends since high school. Turns out I had my first dream of her last night. She had on skinny jeans ( not her typical attire) and a loose fitting flowy light pink blouse. Her hair was blonde and to her shoulders; a look she hasn’t worn for awhile. She looked radiant from the inside out. I was struck at how peaceful she was. Not hurrying or worrying or planning or organizing anything;another look I haven’t seen in a while. There is no doubt that she is working with the angels and her beloved Jesus to help heal others, send peace and huge long hugs and yes even that rainbow to us, less fortunate souls here on earth. Thank you again.

  2. Rose cairo says

    Beautiful!!! Such an amazing story and so proud of what Betsey, Mary and Eddy are doing to continue MaryAnn’s legacy.???

  3. Larry says

    Your dream is quite beautiful and telling. We are fortunate to have had souls like Mary Ann in our world! It’s an honor to say a few words to describe what I experienced in the brief knowing of Mary Ann and the time I spent with her children. Thank you!

  4. Larry says

    Thank you for your comment Rose. May her good work live on through her ‘amazing’ daughters and son!

  5. Peggi Vetro says

    What a Beautiful job done capturing this time with Mary Ann and family. You feel the joy and love looking at the pics! Just Awesome!!!!! Love this!!!!!

  6. Debbie Wandelear says

    What beautiful pictures , thank you for sharing. Mary Ann created such amazing and beautiful children. It is so wonderful they went to Big Sky and experience d God’s country. What a great experience time help heal the hearts of her loved ones. Mary Ann will always Inspire all that she knew. Love to the Heavens and back. Think of her and her family often.

  7. Sandy says

    I loved this story and the pictures you shared. I met Mary Anne at St Anne’s school where my children and her children attended together. I am so proud of her children for what they are doing in their mothers legacy! She raised 3 wonderful children, who have love and maturity beyond their years! I’m so honored to have had our paths cross!

  8. Linda Blair says

    Thank you for this beautiful tribute to Mary and her family. I am moved emotionally in so many directions by this I have no words to describe those feelings. With love and gratitude Linda

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