Cowgirls vs Cancer 2016

Every year at this time I team up with Big Sky Yoga Retreats to do something really special for breast cancer survivors.  It was such a pleasure to photograph with these 8 amazing and lovely women! Many thanks to the Double T River Ranch, Kate Huston, Tara, Henry and Mollie and their wonderful horses.  Gratitude, most especially to my dear friends Margaret and David Vap who have created and conceived of this gift retreat.  And, to Jessica Lechner who shared her voice and the music of her soul with all of us.

It was quite the party!  Lot’s love, joy, tears, and ….. dancing!

As I photographed with these souls, I witnessed the strength and authenticity that these cancer survivors own.  They own it.  They have been down a dark road of facing their own mortality and emerged with a new lease, knowing that the life that we have does not last forever, it is temporal.  It was such a heart opening experience.  My prayers are for their continued good health and most importantly JOY, JOY, JOY in every day we have!

Oh… yes… a special note of thanks to these remarkable horse spirits that show such loving kindness.  I witnessed the love and compassion that horses have within them for these women.  See for yourself in the images that follow.

Cowgirls vs Cancer_01

Cowgirls vs Cancer_02

Cowgirls vs Cancer_03

Cowgirls vs Cancer_04

Cowgirls vs Cancer_05

Cowgirls vs Cancer_06

Cowgirls vs Cancer_07

Cowgirls vs Cancer_08

Cowgirls vs Cancer_09


Cowgirls vs Cancer_11

Cowgirls vs Cancer_12

Cowgirls vs Cancer_13

Cowgirls vs Cancer_14

Cowgirls vs Cancer_15

Cowgirls vs Cancer_16

Cowgirls vs Cancer_17

Cowgirls vs Cancer_18

Cowgirls vs Cancer_19

Cowgirls vs Cancer_20

Cowgirls vs Cancer_21

Cowgirls vs Cancer_22

Cowgirls vs Cancer_23

Cowgirls vs Cancer_24

Cowgirls vs Cancer_25


Cowgirls vs Cancer_27

Cowgirls vs Cancer_28

Cowgirls vs Cancer_29

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  1. Barbara Gerstung says

    Wonderful pictures beautifully done. Blessings to these dear ladies and the patient horses.


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