Springtime in the Rockies

Wedding day at Chico Hot Springs

After a day of wet snow and winter like weather on Friday, Saturday morning brought delicious sunshine and brisk temperatures. But the chill didn’t stop this Colorado couple and 200 guests from moving forward with their outdoor ceremony and photography plans. I must admit that at one point my bare hands on cold metal cameras lost a little feeling. But the photos continued to roll!

It was a wedding day to be remembered with lots of laughter, a few loving tears and unabashed dancing into the late hours. Here is a selection of some of my favorite images from both Jennie Lynn and I. Lovely work Jennie Lynn!

I love the quality of the sunlight in this image. You can almost feel the crisp air in the photo.
A sweet tear from the eye of Michelle’s sister.

This little guy was practicing his dance moves on the steps during the ceremony! You’ll see him in action in later photos.

Perhaps one of my favorite pictures of the day. I grabbed this shot of Michelle and her sister bustling the dress in the Chico bar.

Dancing boy!

My family and I stopped in at Chico on Sunday night to hear one of our favorite local bands Someday Miss Pray, and guess who was still dancing and enjoying the wedding weekend. I grabbed this image of Michelle dancing with her Dad Doug. Dance on Dancing boy!

About the Author: Larry

With over 25 years of diverse professional photographic experience Larry brings depth and insight to his work. His style is described as a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic portraiture, capturing "beauty... as it occurs naturally". Larry attended the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and is an International Award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association and an active member of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS.

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