Mountain Sky Guest Ranch

Judie and Marc

It’s a rare occasion to photograph a wedding at the Mountain Sky Ranch. They only offer wedding dates in the early spring or late fall because of their exclusive ‘family’ guest ranch clientele during the summer months. Judie contacted me about a year ago and disclosed the amazing story of her life and love. Her own words are below. It is a story of life and love and discernment.

 I photographed this wedding on a weekend in October with my talented daughter Jennie Lynn.  Many of the images in this album are hers. She continues to make me a proud pappa. Her youthful perspective is full of content, insight and skill.

Click the pic to view the first draft of their wedding album.

Just a few more words about my Canadian friends. You don’t have to be 20 something to be completely in love. Love is no respecter of age. Here is Judie and Marc’s story in Judies own words.

 “We met over 40 years ago. Marc and my boyfriend were best friends. When I got married, Marc was our best man, and when Marc was married a few years later, my then husband was his best man. We continued to socialize as couples until Marc’s job took him and his wife to Oakville Ontario from Ottawa, Ontario where we had originally known each other. Over the next few years we managed to keep in touch but as time went by and Marc’s jobs took him and his family to various locations around the country, we lost track of each other. Some thirty years later, after both he and I were divorced, he accepted a job back in Ottawa. He remembered that I had lived there and thought he would see if he could contact me. Fortunately, after my divorce I had returned to my maiden name and he was able to locate my phone number easily. He called one day when I was out and one of my sons took the message. Like most teenagers they never thought to pass on the message. As I was tidying up the papers on the kitchen counter I ran across a note that said “Mom, call Marc”. I inquired as to whether they knew his last name and when he had called. At the time I had no clue who was calling me. In the meantime, Marc had given up all hope that I would return his call as it had been four days since he had called. He was, needless to say, ecstatic when he answered my call, and after spending some time on the phone he asked if we could get together to finish catching up. It did not take long for the both of us to recognise our connection and so began our current love story. We chose to get married in Montana because we had been there once before early in our relationship. It had had such a profound affect on the both of us that decided right then that when we got married, it would have to be in that location. The majesty of the mountains, the crispness in the air, the sound of the water cascading over the rocks in the creek and the majic and spirituality of the place crept into our souls. We finally exchanged our vows in an intimate, emotional and heartfelt way in front of a roaring fire at a guest Ranch near Bozeman. There will be many more trips back to Montana – it gets under your skin! ”  Judie Carrigan Grandbois

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