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Montana Wedding Photographer

We will capture the naturally arising beauty of your wedding day

Montana Wedding Photographer, Inc. represents the father daughter team of professional photographers, my self Larry Stanley and my daughter Jennie Lynn. We offer a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic wedding portraiture. With years of diverse photographic experience, and 15 years of Montana Weddings we offer excellence, reliability and a wide view of life’s experiences. Over the last 6 years of professional work, Jennie Lynn has quickly become a highly recognized name in photography in her own right.

A fresh, intuitive, uncontrived approach to wedding photography

Take a look through our individual portfolios and see our wedding photography in Montana that has been described as “fresh, intuitive and uncontrived”. Jennie Lynn and Larry are available individually or together so as to combine their talents and photograph your wedding.  See the results of these two delightful and beautiful occasions.

Natalie and David’s wedding in San Diego, California

Julia and Kevin’s Bozeman wedding

Larry Stanley

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Larry Stanley, photographer
The way I see it

The phrase “beauty… as it occurs naturally” has come to define my view as a professional photographer and as a human being. I see my work as one that looks for and captures the beautiful moments that arise in every aspect of life. The celebration of the union of two people in marriage is full of this naturally occurring imagery.

Each wedding is as unique as the individuals being joined. With this appreciation, I take each wedding as a personal assignment; giving of myself, my vision and 30 years of experience photographing people worldwide to seek out and record the beautiful and meaningful moments as they occur.

The end result of my approach to wedding photography is a very personal, artistic and creative collection of images of your wedding day without drawing unnecessary attention to myself. Along with the images of the candid moments of the event, portraits and family groupings are photographed quickly with a sense of spontaneity and joy in order to provide you and your families with a meaningful record of your time together.

This non-obtrusive approach allows me to blend in and capture the magical moments of this day that is uniquely yours. I am always in awe as I watch the arising of “beauty… as it occurs naturally”.

“Beauty…As it occurs naturally”

Jennie Lynn Stanley

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Ever since I was small, I’ve loved reading, and I’ve loved stories. I remember preparing for vacations to the Swan Valley when I would request a ride into town to the Livingston Library. I’d check out books galore and aim to read them all before the end of the trip. I was a very nerdy nine-year-old.

I’m sure my parents were pleased that my glasses bedecked face was tucked away in a book in the cabin loft bed while everyone else was out biking and swimming. Typically, I ran my way through every book before the trip was even over. I then was pleased to announce to anyone who provided the most remote of interest, what my latest read was and exactly how many books I had read in exactly how many days. Thank goodness I’ve since then learned social cues.

Also since then, I’ve studied both art and literature, partly at Vassar, partly here in Bozeman. For several years at the onset of my college career I lived in a flamboyantly creative community, which gave me a sense of expression, a strong love for creative enterprise, and, in fact, may have erased some of the less necessary social cues I unfortunately learned in high school. I think one of the major shaping points of art for me was studying Giacometti’s pencil sketches. He has this freedom in his work that seems to search for his subject. If you look at a drawing of his, not all of his lines are necessarily right, but they become right as he allows the lines to unveil his subject. Especially in capturing a subject by camera, I think one needs freedom from exactness to keep the subject fresh and true.

My degree is in English Literature, and at least for my photography, these studies informed my world with the nuances of voice, narrative and character. I see myself as a documenter of people and their world. Some are inherently vibrant and bold about their story, while others are very much more secretive and private, but everyone’s story is different and I aim to capture people true to their own form.

“Images with the nuances of voice, narrative and character”

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