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Wedding Photography

We will capture the naturally arising beauty of your wedding day

Montana Wedding Photographer represents the father daughter team of professional photographers, Larry Stanley and Jennie Lynn Stanley. They offer a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic wedding portraiture. With 30 years of diverse photographic experience, Larry is one of Montana’s top photographers. Over the last 6 years of professional work, Jennie Lynn has quickly become a highly recognized name in photography in her own right. Also check out our fun photos of unique dresses, memorable wedding cakes, and beautiful flower arrangements.

“Beauty As It Occurs Naturally”

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Larry Stanley and Jennie Lynn Stanley are father and daughter... professional photographers. Similar, yet very different and under the same banner. See their personal views of life and photography. Vive la différence!
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View the many unique and varied wedding album designs by Larry and Jennie Lynn. Each wedding, each moment, uniquely beautiful unto itself. Hand crafted albums featuring the personal moments of their client’s wedding day experience.
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Shopping for a photographer is not complete until you look at the price tag. We encourage wise shopping. So don’t be shy, we know the importance of finding the right ‘fit’ in your wedding photographer and that ‘fit’ is equally important to us.
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A fresh, intuitive, uncontrived approach to wedding photography

Take a look through our individual portfolios and see wedding photography that has been described as “fresh, intuitive and uncontrived”. Larry and Jennie Lynn are available individually or together so as to combine their talents and photograph your wedding. See the result when Larry’s and Jennie Lynn’s combined talents captured Natalie and David’s wedding in San Diego, California

Larry Stanley

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Larry Stanley, photographer
Take a visual walk through Larry’s view of life captured in his unique imagery.

The phrase “beauty… as it occurs naturally” has come to define my view as a professional photographer and as a human being. I see my work as one that looks for and captures the beautiful moments that arise in every aspect of life. The celebration of the union of two people in marriage is full of this naturally occurring imagery.

Each wedding is as unique as the individuals being joined. With this appreciation, I take each wedding as a personal assignment; giving of myself, my vision and 30 years of experience photographing people worldwide to seek out and record the beautiful and meaningful moments as they occur.

The end result of my approach to wedding photography is a very personal, artistic and creative collection of images of your wedding day without drawing unnecessary attention to myself. Along with the images of the candid moments of the event, portraits and family groupings are photographed quickly with a sense of spontaneity and joy in order to provide you and your families with a meaningful record of your time together.

This non-obtrusive approach allows me to blend in and capture the magical moments of this day that is uniquely yours. I am always in awe as I watch the arising of “beauty… as it occurs naturally”.

“Beauty…As it occurs naturally”

Jennie Lynn Stanley

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Ever since I was small, I’ve loved reading, and I’ve loved stories. I remember preparing for vacations to the Swan Valley when I would request a ride into town to the Livingston Library. I’d check out books galore and aim to read them all before the end of the trip. I was a very nerdy nine-year-old.

I’m sure my parents were pleased that my glasses bedecked face was tucked away in a book in the cabin loft bed while everyone else was out biking and swimming. Typically, I ran my way through every book before the trip was even over. I then was pleased to announce to anyone who provided the most remote of interest, what my latest read was and exactly how many books I had read in exactly how many days. Thank goodness I’ve since then learned social cues.

Also since then, I’ve studied both art and literature, partly at Vassar, partly here in Bozeman. For several years at the onset of my college career I lived in a flamboyantly creative community, which gave me a sense of expression, a strong love for creative enterprise, and, in fact, may have erased some of the less necessary social cues I unfortunately learned in high school. I think one of the major shaping points of art for me was studying Giacometti’s pencil sketches. He has this freedom in his work that seems to search for his subject. If you look at a drawing of his, not all of his lines are necessarily right, but they become right as he allows the lines to unveil his subject. Especially in capturing a subject by camera, I think one needs freedom from exactness to keep the subject fresh and true.

My degree is in English Literature, and at least for my photography, these studies informed my world with the nuances of voice, narrative and character. I see myself as a documenter of people and their world. Some are inherently vibrant and bold about their story, while others are very much more secretive and private, but everyone’s story is different and I aim to capture people true to their own form.

“Images with the nuances of voice, narrative and character”

Fun photos of wedding dresses, flowers, and cakes

Weddings provide a wide palette of emotion, experience, feelings, color, style and personal taste. We love finding the personal details and capturing the artistic expression of each occasion. Objects of tradition such as the cake, the dress and the flowers become the perfect embodiment of this art.

Wedding Dress Pictures

Picture of wedding dress in MontanaThe wedding dress, with historic references that date back beyond Biblical times has always been an important symbol in the wedding ceremony.

Along with the links to the fine local dress shops in Bozeman, I’ve included a collection of pictures to inspire thoughts of your own wedding gown. These are beautiful dresses from weddings I have photographed. Hand sewn creations, beaded, silk, high fashion and family heirlooms; the brides of Montana are in fine style in every wedding day situation. See for yourself!

The wedding dress shown in the photo was hand sewn from silk from the brides grandmother’s wedding dress and buck skin. It was a meaningful and exquisite contribution to this Montana springtime wedding.

Picture of Mary Susan and David.Mary Susan Hoffman writes:
“Thank you, Larry. David and I have been transfixed and transformed by your photography – so many pictures capture the soulful essence of the moment… we knew even as a mid-fifties couple that we wanted to fully celebrate the miracle of finding each other.”
“You have given us a wonderful gift.”
Mary Susan and David, Married March 2, 2013 at the Botanical Gardens in Forth Worth, Texas
Picture of Abbie and Cody.Abbie Athanas Tibbetts writes:
“Thank you again to you and Jennie Lynn for capturing such incredible images on our wedding day. We absolutely loved working with you and I am truly thrilled with the final album and all the images. I knew from the beginning that we had chosen the right photographer for us and I was right about that. In addition to the images being incredible, you and Jennie Lynn are both delighful people. We are glad to know you!”
Picture of Kelly and Rachel.Rachelle Totten writes:
“Kelly and I are so incredibly grateful to have had you photographing our wedding weekend. It was truly a perfect day, regardless of the weather. We appreicate all of your energy and creativity in capturing all of our priceless memories.”
Rachel and Kelly Totten, Married June 9th, 2012 at Chico Hot Springs Resort

Wedding Flower Pictures

Picture of bridal bouquetWedding flowers are part of the magnificent artistry of every wedding. This floral art enriches the senses and adds an important element of beauty into your wedding environment.

Pick them yourself or buy them by the dozen. Bind them into bouquets or simply put them on the table. Pin them on your lapel or scatter the petals all around. Nothing compares to flowers when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere for a wedding.

I’ve created a portfolio of pictures to help you with floral ideas for your wedding. These are flowers from weddings I have photographed over the last year. I hope you find them helpful in imagining and planning nature’s contribution to the beauty and artistry of your wedding. Enjoy!

Wedding flower pictures from recent Montana weddings.

Picture of Helene Cole.Helene and Eddie writes:
“I told Larry, in my dream world, I wanted lots of gorgeous photos but didn’t want to pose at all. To my surprise he said he rarely posed. He likes capturing the natural ways people congregate and hold each other. I then followed up with I want you to capture just how much I love this man and I want to look younger and thinner than I am. Larry managed to do it all. He and Jenny Lynn were just so easy, non-interruptive, while still capturing our private moments. The next day Larry even went on our wedding dogsled run, complete with a “Just Married” sign. I wanted our pictures to be perfect, and they were so much better than that.”
Helene and Eddie Cole, Married February 29th, 2012 at Chico Hot Springs Resort
Picture of Sara Andrew.Sara Andrew of Bozeman, Montana writes:
“I am sure you hear it all the time, but we could never explain how much we truly love and appreciate the pictures. I never had a doubt in my mind that you would do a great job, especially after we met you for the engagement pictures. I will be recommending you to ANYONE who has a need of an excellent photographer. I just wish we had more occasions to use you! Thank you Larry, from the bottom of our hearts, you exceeded our highest expectations.”
Sara and Jason Andrew, Married September 18th, 2004 at the Springhill Pavilion
Picture of Megan and Joe Jacks.From Megan Jacks of Bozeman, Montana:
“Larry, we absolutely loved the photos! Thank you, Thank you! You and Lauren did a wonderful job capturing our wedding day! We very much appreciated your enthusiasm and professionalism, and will highly recommend you.”
Megan and Joe Jacks, Owners, After 5 and Weddings
Married May 31st, 2004 at Chico Hot Springs resort in Pray, Montana

Wedding Cake Pictures

Wedding cake with port colored flowers
Wedding cakes are a wonderful tradition filled with the symbolism of consumating your marriage. This baker’s art delights the palate and brings beauty to the tradition of breaking bread with your spouse, your family and friends.

Decorate it, make it personal, make it plain, fill it with pudding or fruit, cut it, eat it, share it and yes, even smash it in someone’s face to say… “I love you very much.”

I’ve created a portfolio of pictures to help you with wedding cake ideas for your special day. These are cakes from weddings I have photographed over the last year. I hope you find them helpful in imagining and planning a confectionery delight to celebrate your wedding day. Let them eat cake!

Wedding cake bakers in Montana

Wedding cake pictures from recent Montana weddings.

Picture of Kim and Derrick Mains.Kim Mains of San Jose, California writes:
“Larry, We had such a great time sharing our wedding with you, Heather and Lauren. We cracked out the video today and saw Heather cutting the rug! You guys were so fun. I so appreciated your professionalism and grace – what a great demeanor for a wedding photographer. The photos turned out absolutely beautiful!”
Kim Mains, Corporate Communications Manager for Mindfabric, Inc.
Married August 31th, 2003 at the historic Belton Chalet located in West Glacier, Montana at the entrance to Glacier National Park
Picture of Theo and Cynthia Stanley.Cynthia Ann Krempetz-Stanley of Dallas, Texas writes:
“I’m not quite sure how to thank you enough for such perfect pictures of our special day. We received the box yesterday and looked forward all day to some quiet time to reflect on them together … late that night we finally arrived home, got comfortable into each other’s arms to open the box. We stayed up late into the morning hours taking time with each and every special image. What an absolutely beautiful job you did on capturing all the special moments of that memorable day!”
Cynthia Ann Stanley, Married August 9th, 2003 on the banks of the Yellowstone River in Paradise Valley, Montana
Picture of bride's back with flowers.Marnnie Herrick of Bozeman, Montana writes:
“Larry was absolutely awesome to work with. Larry was professional, enthusiastic and patient with me and my wishes. His artistic ideas turned out better than I could have imagined. I am extremely pleased with my pictures. They are more than beautiful, they are breathtaking..
“Words can never express how grateful I am to have worked with Larry, he was a great asset to my wedding day. “
Marnnie Herrick, Escrow Officer, Allied Land Title, Inc.
Married at the Gallatin Gateway Inn near Bozeman, Montana
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