the big spin

I had some fun with my Go Pro at a dress shoot I did for After 5 and Weddings.  I was plopping my little camera around the room and grabbing candid video clips while I was shooting some wedding dress fashion.  This was one of my favorites.  We were getting all set up for the stills of this beautiful gown modeled by the lovely Sarah Bates.

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Yogatography take away

Every year I take delight in teaching creative photography with Margaret Burns Vap at Cowgirl Yogatography.  The Double T River Ranch rests on acres of fall beauty with the Shields river winding it’s way slowly through the land.  Peaceful and sublime.  Early morning walks are a must.  Yoga, photography, excellent food and company.

Here a small collection of take away images from the retreat. I did more talking and teaching than I did shooting!  Thanks Margaret and thanks to all the fine ladies of Cowgirl Yogatography 2017!

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fashion and weddings

I have occasionally dabbled in fashion photography and certainly as a wedding photographer, shooting fashion is an important part the varied skill set that you have to have.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to help out a friend of mine Brittany Smith on a photo project she was shooting, along with the demonstrably amazing photographer Dennis Rodgers. The ‘talent’ was a stunning young lady, Michala Zambon who is represented by Major Models NYC.  Now you may think this is just a bunch of fluff about my friends, but I am serious.  Check out Brittany’s work… see for yourself.

I was excited to help with the duties of holding reflectors, lights, camera’s and stands against the winds of the Paradise Valley and shoot when time allowed. Paradise Valley is holy ground and it never disappoints with dramatically beautiful skies.  I can’t wait to see the images that Brittany produced for her project!

Eventually, we all ended up at the Rib and Chop House in Livingston for a great dinner and some special spirits that Dennis produced from his camera bag!   Here are some production stills and a few images of Michala that I grabbed during the shoot.

Brittany, thanks so much for allowing me to shoot alongside you and for giving your permission to share them here.


Checking out the angles



Dennis and Brittany


Chimping and smiling! Like kids in a candy shop.


Serious Brittany, bearing down on making the magic!



This is Dennis ‘standing in’ for Michala while we were scouting for perfect little locations. Look’n good D man!


And this is an image I made of Michala in the same place a bit later.


I had been hearing the Heron talking in the valley and sure enough a couple of them appeared over head. I was holding a reflector at the time, but my camera on my wrist strap!!! I LOVE MOMENTS!

Here’s an image that Dennis captured during some real weather drama!   Wow!


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natural light portraits

This morning Aspen graced my studio with her lovely kind nature and her stunning beauty.  The sun flooded in through all of the windows and I decided to set aside the flash gear and go with natural light portraits.  Love this studio when the sun shines!  Here are a few of my favorites.


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Wedding dress photo shoot

On Thursday last week I spent the day in my studio photographing dresses for my friend Megan Jacks of After 5 and Weddings. The wedding dress photo shoot was graced by two fine young models Eliza and Sarah… beautiful!  Hair by Amber from C’est La Vie Hair Salon and makeup by Elizabeth from Blush.  It was a great team and I had a fun day of shooting.  My studio was humming all day long.





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New studio up and running!

Ok, so… After a few weeks of pushing stuff around and tweaking this and that, I feel like we are finally moved in to our new studio.  More room, higher ceilings, a great view of the mountains.  Already had three shoots and I’m starting to feel at home here.  This is an early evening photo and during the day everything lights up quite nicely with the option of semi dark, see through blinds.

Next… an open house party.  Coming soon!

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