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Rainbow Ranch Wedding in the Rain

I am excited about photographing at the Rainbow Ranch again in September 2016.  I thought it might be appropriate to revisit this rainy day in May at the Rainbow Ranch. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a sunny fall day in September! But if not, don’t worry. I will kill it regardless of the weather!

Melissa and Jarrod married in grand style on a lovely spring Saturday afternoon in Big Sky. Their wedding was blessed with RAIN… and lot’s of it. It was an amazing Rainbow Ranch Wedding in the Rain with floral and event design by Katalin Green Events. This was the kick off of my official summer full of weddings. Thanks to my daughter Jennie Lynn for her spectacular image making and solid support. The evening was topped off with the voice and spirit of “Cold Hard Cash”… a must see show, a peerless presentation of the music of Johnny Cash.

Enjoy the fabulous view of this heart felt and spirited wedding. Cheers to my new friends Missy and Jarrod!
































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  • Larry Stanley photogrpahy

Big Sky winter fun

I had some Big Sky winter fun last weekend! Did a little shooting with a past wedding client and a new one. It was great, and when I got home I was toast and loved every minute of it.

Thanks to Margot at the Big Sky Resort for all of her work to make the wedding a complete success. I just got the images off the cards and I’ll have a full blog of this beautiful wedding soon.

As for the portraits, I fell in love with this young man Jude Wilemon. I dubbed him the little man! He’s like a grown man in a baby boy’s body. Mom and Dad were getting ready while I played with Jude on the couch and put him on my knee for some fun grab. I was grabbing photos and he was looking at his reflection in the front element of my lens… trying to reach in touch his image. It was quite the balancing act. LOVE these portraits. Thanks Tonie and Rance.
Big Sky winter wedding





Allie ‘owned that dress’ under the huge chandelier at The Summit!

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  • Le Petit Chateau August wedding

Le Petit Chateau August wedding

Samantha and Logan tied the knot in late August,  it was a Le Petit Chateau August wedding.  Warm, green and full of delicious Montana sunshine that seemed to last forever!  This is a smaller album that I offer.  I call it the Highlight Album for obvious reasons.

Click the image below, and enjoy some of the highlights of this lovely wedding day!  Sorry, this doesn’t work on an iPhone… (Apple and Adobe have a little tiff going on!)  but hey, it’s better on a bigger screen anyway.

Le Petit Chateau August wedding

Le Petit Chateau August wedding



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  • Le Petit Chateau wedding album-2

Le Petit Chateau wedding album

Here’s a wonderful book of images fashioned together to create my latest Le Petit Chateau wedding album.  Amanda and Kelsey decided to take an hour of their wedding reception schedule to head for the hills above Bozeman so that we could capture the images they desired.  It was a great choice, and now …  the rewards of making time for the photos they envisioned!!!!

It was a great pleasure to photograph for them and their families.  Hat’s off to Le Petit Chateau and their professional management and staff for stellar service and a gorgeous venue. Delicious floral work by his eminence, the king of all things floral… Julio Freitas.  And,  a special thanks to my friend Stormy Barton for allowing us to photograph on her scenic property!

Click the image below and see the album.  It wont’ work on your iPhone… sorry, but it’s far too grand for a phone monitor!  So pull out your laptop or better.  Happy New Year and cheers to 2016.

Le Petit Chateau wedding album

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  • 010_Jonny Armstrong

Winter wedding in Yellowstone

Meet Jonny and Jessi.  Yesterday they were married at the Mammoth Chapel.  It was an intimate and moving winter wedding in Yellowstone. And to make it even more sweet… Jonny and Jessi  are soon to be joined by baby girl Armstrong!

Jonny has a unique profession.  He photographs wild animals by setting ‘photo traps’ to capture images of our wild and domestic critters.  You can see more of his amazing imagery at Jonny Armstrong Photography.   But first take a look at these wonderful images of their wedding.  I even set a ‘photo trap’ myself and this adventurous couple played along!  I was honored that they sought me out to capture their wedding day in Yellowstone National Park.

Here is Jonny doing his thing! Followed by one of his fine images.



Jonny and Jessi, it was a pleasure to photograph you, your family and friends on such a wonderful occasion.  Enjoy!


Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone

Winter wedding in Yellowstone Jonny Armstrong
Winter wedding in Yellowstone - Jonnie Armstrong

023_Jonny Armstrong

Winter wedding in Yellowstone
Winter wedding in Yellowstone

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  • Springhill Pavilion wedding by Larry Stanley Photography

Springhill Pavilion wedding in July

I love to photograph in the foothills of the Bridgers.  This Springhill Pavilion wedding was a moving and quite authentic Montana wedding with unexpected mountain weather for July 5th!  Kathryn and Michael took it all in stride when they had to move the ceremony into the century old Springhill Pavilion, and it was all the more comfy when the wood stove and fireplace was fired up… the ceremony continued.

See for yourself in this album of highlight images.

Cheers to the newlyweds Kathryn and Michael!!!

Click the picture below to see the first draft of their Highlight Album.

Springhill Pavilion wedding by Larry Stanley


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Big Sky June wedding

Here’s a fabulous event.  It was a Big Sky June wedding.  Photography by Jennie Lynn.  Click the photo below to see the wedding of Madelynn and Robert in Big Sky.

Album designs from 2015 weddings are is still in progress and I’m hoping to get them all done before I move to my new studio in Livingston by the end of January.

Big Sky June wedding by Jennie Lynn Stanley

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  • Yellowstone Yogatography_08

Yellowstone Yogatography 2016

For the last three years I have so enjoyed helping to create and teach Cowgirl Yogatography with Margaret Burn Vap and Big Sky Yoga Retreats. In 2016 we have created a second Yogatography (yoga and photography) retreat.  We call this one Yellowstone Yogatography because it convenes on the border of Yellowstone National Park at the scenic B Bar Ranch. I visited the Ranch last weekend to look for inspiration for the retreat. My timing was perfect.  I got to watch a winter storm arriving over the mountains, bringing us snow which will make our May 19-22 retreat either very white or very green. Either is great!

Yellowstone Yogatography

Yellostone Yogatography_05

Winter is always wonderfully quiet in Montana.  It evokes the desire to go within oneself and review the busy days of the year past – contemplating, evaluating and realigning. Then there comes the arising of aspirations for the coming new year full of excitement and hope for positive change.

The storm clouds rolled over the mountains bearing their gift of snow.

Yellowstone Yogatography

Yellowstone Yogatography_02

Yellowstone Yogatography

In the spring the cold earth in Montana will once again come alive. The snow will melt and fill the earth and the rivers with waters, cold and pure. This dynamic change in our mountainous home, is an eye opening time to photograph.   It’s a perfect time to investigate the natural wonders of  Yellowstone National Park, long before the crowds of summer start pouring through the gates.  That’s exactly what we will do!

Thank you to Mary Kabza for her contribution of photos from her visit to Yellowstone last year.


Join us for this awesome yoga and photography retreat.  Read more about the details here: http://www.bigskyyogaretreats.com/yogaphotography.html

Yellowstone Yogatography

MK_Yellowstone Yogatography_15

Yellowstone Yogatography

Yellowstone Yogatography

Yellowstone Yogatography

Yellowstone Yogatography

Yellowstone Yogatography

Yellowstone Yogatography

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Rainbow Ranch Lodge wedding album

Wedding albums from 2015 are still in progress here in the studio. Here is a Rainbow Ranch Lodge wedding album to enjoy. This will be photographically printed and book bound in a beautiful leather cover to make a very special keepsake.

Click the photo below to view Missy and Jarrod’s wedding day images.


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Holland Lake Lodge revisted

Holland Lake Lodge revisited.  Late in the summer I traveled to Holland Lake Lodge to meet up with a couple that I photographed for in 2007 at that very location. Now Kristin and Evan are now joined by their wonderfully talented daughter Helen. Helen and I were on the same page from the beginning. We rolled through an hour and a half of fun times… me shooting away and hanging with this young girl, not so unlike my own two articulate and intelligent daughters (now women).
This was one of the unforeseen and greatly appreciated gifts of my career. Oh, and.. It ain’t over yet!! I still have lots that I have to do. However, this was stellar. Enjoy!


Click the picture and enjoy the album.


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