Wedding gowns

Several weeks ago, I photographed wedding gowns for Megan Jacks from After 5 and Weddings. It was a wonderful day with some very talented individuals. Ok, so, I put my little GoPro to work, along with my Nikons and more importantly, my eye for moments… to capture some of the energy. Enjoy the moment!

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film for weddings

I can’t believe how amazing b&w film is…

In this world of digital image files, I don’t see much use of film. Film for weddings should be coming back around again soon. But why wait when you can have the special quality images that only film can produce? Oh yes, I know there are actions and presets that do a pretty darn good job of making digital files look like film. I have a couple of varieties myself, but there is just something subtle with film that you can’t replicate. Personally I think it’s got something to do with the fact that a physical element (silver) is the medium that the image is permanently captured in. Crazy? Maybe but I love it.

Add some b&w film to your wedding photography ‘must have’ list. Some of my clients have loved the b&w touch, so I’ve decided to shoot a roll here and there. I still have a stock of good stuff in my fridge and my favorite film camera of all time.

These images were captured with my Nikon F100 with an 85mm 1.8 lens, Kodak Tmax 100.

It’s a film love affair!69370002-border

69370028 border

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Meadow Camp wedding

They call it Meadow Camp, deep in the hills of the Catskill’s in up state New York.  I call it lusciousness.  The entire experience was so luscious!  And soon the album will be done.



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Big Sky Weddings – Rainbow Ranch

Big Sky Weddings at the Rainbow Ranch are always something very special.  Tonie and Rance’s June wedding was amazing.  Here is the wedding album that I designed for them.  If you are considering the Rainbow Ranch for your wedding,  be sure to see the final album at the Ranch.

Click the picture below and Enjoy!



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Paradise Valley moment

Paradise Valley moment of no wind, temperatures near 50 degrees, splendid skies and a flowing river like no other in North America… that’s my home, this is the place I love!!!

This evening I photographed with Kathryn and Michael who will marry this summer at the historic Springhill Pavilion.  The signs are good that this will be a stellar Montana Wedding.  Projections aside, this evening was stellar!  see for yourself.

Congrats to Kathryn and Michael.  I am honored and pleased that you chose me and Jennie Lynn for your wedding photography.


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one special moment

Sometimes when I’m running around right before a wedding begins I find an image that hit’s me in the face.  This was one of those times.

It was one special moment found by the daughter of the Bride. A moment of serenity. A moment all her own.

I am adding this to my collection of Telling Moments.

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Sunglasses in the mountains

Sunglasses in the mountains of Montana are a must in winter.  Last weekend I did some work on an ongoing project for Carl Roth of Bridger Eyecare.  We went up above Bohart Ranch and found the most amazing weather as the sun peeked in and out of the clouds with ongoing dusting of snow.  Loads of fun with Jen and Dan!

This Saturday, it’s off to Deer Lodge and the Rock Creek Cattle Company to start the year off with the first of many excellent weddings.

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BE blog_02

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BE blog_07

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natural light portraits

This morning Aspen graced my studio with her lovely kind nature and her stunning beauty.  The sun flooded in through all of the windows and I decided to set aside the flash gear and go with natural light portraits.  Love this studio when the sun shines!  Here are a few of my favorites.


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late night dancing

Today I was working away on a December wedding and I found this priceless moment of these two sisters dancing with dreams in their hearts.  It is a one time grab that I couldn’t resist.  I call it   Late Night Dancing.

So thus starts a new photo project which I will describe as ‘telling moments’.  Look for more in the days to come.

Real life, real people, real images by Larry Stanley.  Authentic

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Wedding dress photo shoot

On Thursday last week I spent the day in my studio photographing dresses for my friend Megan Jacks of After 5 and Weddings. The wedding dress photo shoot was graced by two fine young models Eliza and Sarah… beautiful!  Hair by Amber from C’est La Vie Hair Salon and makeup by Elizabeth from Blush.  It was a great team and I had a fun day of shooting.  My studio was humming all day long.





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