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Cowgirl Yogatography 2016

It won’t be long until we wrangle the horses, our yoga mats and cameras and head on over to the Double T River Ranch for our 4th annual Cowgirl Yogatography Retreat in Montana.  Join Margaret Burns Vap and I for this amazing retreat!  Explore the breathtaking Montana landscape and it’s equine inhabitants through your camera lens.  This retreat is designed to deepen your yoga practice, tap into your creative core and help you explore the magical horse-human connection.  Whether you’re an amateur or aspiring professional, Cowgirl Yogatography will change your perspective.

Here are some images that I captured at the recent Cowgirl Yoga & Creativity retreat.  Learn to see more and capture the fleeting moments of beauty that flash before your very eyes, moment by moment, day by day.  Come join us in September for this Cowgirl Yogatography retreat in Montana.











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Yoga Horses and Creativity

This weekend I photographed with Big Sky Yoga Retreats and the scenic Grey Cliffs Ranch.  Spring is here in the mountains and plains of Montana and it felt wonderful!  Yoga, Horses and Creativity is the heart and soul of Cowgirl Yoga Retreats with many options to consider.  I photographed with some of the beautiful women that attended this retreat which focused on yoga and creativity.  Pottery, cooking, yoga, long horse back rides and even shooting at the range!

When you connect with horses, magic things happen.  Here are a few of the magic moments that I discovered.

















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Springtime in the Rockies – Montana weddings

I love springtime in the Rockies, especially the mountains in my own back yard!  Yesterday afternoon I photographed with Audrey and Micah.  Oh God these two are smitten!  Their wedding will be right here in the Paradise Valley in the foothills above.  How sweet it is!

The doggie companions are a dad and daughter pair.  The puppy keeps the old guy on his toes as you will see. It was a great hour of shooting. I am so ready for my summer weddings to begin.

Enjoy the photos…


micah audrey pano



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family time in NY

A few weeks ago I was in the Midwest. This week I am in the Northeast and I am loving the change of view. It’s family time for me around the US… and I have been flying around viewing life through the eyes of my family, young and old and reconnecting to our common roots. OH SO GOOD for this guy!
So take a look and may it bring appreciation of all family ties: yours, mine and others. Family is a great blessing!
With love in my heart.














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Moments matter

Ok, so… moments matter.  I’ve been in this mode lately of evaluating what is authentic to me and what is not.  And of course this rolls over into my everyday job of working with all kinds of images, the majority of which are of weddings.  Today I was going over a Big Sky wedding at the Rainbow Ranch Lodge from last spring preparing some images for publication.   Authentic moments have been jumping out at me.  Moments are fleeting and are existent only for a very brief period of time.

Years ago one of my great mentors told me this:  that albeit brief, each moment has a beginning, a middle and an end.  And also that in between the end of each moment and the beginning of the next there is this little tiny space.  This really set me to thinking. Wow!!! even a brief moment has a beginning, a middle and an end! As I contemplated this I found myself looking for those spaces between moments when I was photographing.  Little spaces when my subject was in-between moments and not presenting something to me.  Ah ha… maybe I could see and capture something of their real self, something that was more authentic than the human nature of presenting a ‘front’ like a protective shield identity.  Yeah, I know it’s pretty ‘out there’,  BUT… I think there is something to it.

Here are a collection of images from that wedding that tell me something about moments, and how MOMENTS MATTER.  Some are lighthearted, some are quiet, others emotional and some are just down right sweet.  Enjoy!

Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_01
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_02
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_03
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_04
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_05
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_06
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_07
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_08
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_09
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_10
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_11
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_12
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_13
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_14
Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_15


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Authentic home wedding

Last week I traveled to my childhood home in Kansas City, Missouri for the wedding of my nephew Lucas Stanley to the love of his life Missy Johnson. The days were filled with spending time with two of my brothers and their families and a long stay at my Grandfather’s farm in Amsterdam Missouri.

The spring air that greeted my waking mind after sleep smelled just as sweet as it did 50 years ago. Memories emerged of happiness and many sublime years of a loving family.

Watching though my lens on the day of the wedding I found something of myself in the faces of those that gathered at this wonderfully authentic and simply beautiful ‘home wedding’ celebration.

Prior to my return flight, my youngest brother Jerry and his wife Karen brought out boxes of images from my Mother’s belongings. It was a treasure that I did not know existed. Century old photos of family, nearly a complete photo history of my family. Among them I found a beautiful wedding portrait of my Grandmother on my father’s side and one of my earliest photos taken with my simple camera and printed in my own little darkroom in the basement. I would have been 7 then. It is a photo of the farm that I stayed at during my visit!












Grandmother Bertha Stanley the youngest of 5 children (front row center)



Bertha Stanley’s wedding day portrait



One of my earliest photos I was able to find. Image of the farm of my beloved Grandpa Earl Locke

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Bozeman Wedding in Summer

Meg and Ian’s Bozeman Wedding

Images by Jennie Lynn at the Roy’s Barn in Bozeman, Montana
August 8, 2015
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Award winning Montana photo

Thanks to the Bozeman Downtown Association for putting on the 12th annual Downtown Bozeman Bridal Walk.  I was honored to be included in the Photography Contest and took home 1st Place in the Most Unique category.  It seems this is an award winning Montana photo!  Last year, this image won international acclaim placing 12th in the a contest put on by the WPJA. The Wedding Photojournalist Association is a worldwide association of professional wedding photojournalist.

Thanks to the Meridian Boutique for hosting my photo and allowing me to meet and greet over 200 future brides in their lovely shop.


award winning Montana photo

Below is the press release for those that like to read, but I am fine with just sharing my photo.

For Immediate Release

April 13th, 2016


Contact: Ellie Staley, Downtown Bozeman Association

406-586-4008, [email protected]


The Downtown Bozeman Association Presents the Winners of the 6th Annual Bridal Walk Photography Contest and the Bridal Walk $500 Shopping Spree. Downtown Bozeman Association and nearly 40 Downtown Retailers hosted the 12th Annual Downtown Bozeman Bridal Walk on Saturday, April 9th.

There were over 225 registered brides who strolled down Main Street with hundreds of friends to make their Montana wedding complete. Along the way, they were welcomed by nearly 40 businesses and partook in activities such as listening to classical music, wine and cake tastings, participated in the photography contest and registered for all kinds of wonderful prizes including the $500 downtown shopping spree.

During the 6th Annual Bridal Photography contest, an activity for brides and the general public to enjoy, there were a total of 8 amazing bridal photographs displayed in nearly all of the participating business locations and we received hundreds of votes! The Downtown Bozeman Association awarded winners for the amazing photographs for the following 3 categories; Most Unique, Most Scenic and Best Overall but all of the photos were enjoyed by all who attended and can be viewed on our Downtown Bozeman Facebook page.

Listed below are the winners of the $500 downtown shopping spree and the Photography Contest winners:

Most Scenic Photo – By A+P Photography, displayed at Heyday

Most Unique Photo – By Larry Stanley Photography, displayed at Meridian

Best Overall Photo – By Muhlbradt Photography, displayed at Montana Gift Corral

$500 Downtown Shopping Spree toward the participating businesses – Jess Koelzer who is getting married on July 16, 2016 in Bozeman.


For more information about the Downtown Bozeman Bridal Walk or the Photography Contest, please contact the Downtown Bozeman Association at 586-4008,

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Moments matter – family wedding

On Saturday I photographed with one my wedding couples and ‘THE BOYS’.  Oh man this was a roll! When I am shooting with boys ‘moments matter’. I loved every minute of it! It was a beautiful blustery afternoon on the Yellowstone.  Megan and John will be married in a big way this August 20th.  The boys Cash and Cruz will have their own vows to give in this authentic celebration of marriage as they form a new family together.  It’s going to be a family wedding for sure.  Enjoy the images!

Moments matter-family-wedding_02
Moments matter-family-wedding_03
Moments matter-family-wedding_04

Moments matter-family-wedding_05
Moments matter-family-wedding_06
Moments matter-family-wedding_07
Moments matter-family-wedding_08
Moments matter-family-wedding_09
Moments matter-family-wedding_10
Moments matter-family-wedding_11
Moments matter-family-wedding_12
Moments matter-family-wedding_13
Moments matter-family-wedding_14
Moments matter-family-wedding_15
Moments matter-family-wedding_16
Moments matter-family-wedding_17
Moments matter-family-wedding_18

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Life Authentic – being present

Images keep appearing from the gallery of my latest photo session with Katie. Just to recap for those that are seeing this for the first time.

POSTED February 15th, 2016

“For some time now, I have been contemplating the value of authenticity in my life and in my passion of image making. Living this great gift of life with cognizance, and the motivation to sort out what is real, what is meaningful; and on the other hand, what is unreal, not authentic and can be dispensed with. Seeking Life Authentic.

Well… I got a message from a client of mine from 2007, asking me if I was interested in a project and she said that “time was of the essence”. The next day we were able to connect. I asked what was going on that was so timely and what is this project. Katie was reaching out for some imaging of her and her sweet family as she is facing the life shaking diagnosis of breast cancer. Katie is 34, married to a fine man and they have two beautiful young daughters.

It’s then, it’s what she told me next that totally turned me on a dime.

She said that this shocking reality of going headlong into treatment and surgery had changed her life and that all of a sudden everything in her life that was not authentic was falling away! I knew from her words that I had found a very important and meaningful task. Time to give!

Here in lies the beginning of a journey in life. A journey that many women face these days and one that I am honored to capture and share, for Katie and her family as well as others that might find beauty, strength and inspiration. Here’s to the VICTORY of Katie over this disease.”

Spending time photographing with Katie last week was full of telling moments, moments of conversation and moments of just seeing and capturing. Katie told me candidly and with her ‘matter of fact’ attitude, “I have never felt so alive!”.  It shocked me initially but as I look over these images I get it.  Facing such a life threatening experience forces you to live in the present.  The present is alive.  Not the past, not the future… but NOW.

Here are a few more images, images of Life Authentic – being present!

Life Authentic - being present 61
Life Authentic - being present 62

Life Authentic - being present 64

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