Christmas weddings in Montana

Just thought I’d share a little peak of the Bridger Mountains outside my studio this morning. NEW SNOW! Christmas music and sunshine is warming my work place up like nothing else. I’m off to Helena for a Christmas wedding at the Kleffner Ranch on Sunday and I can-not-wait!!! Jessica and Justin are getting hitched!

Then off to Big Sky next week for an intimate wedding at the Chapel. I love Christmas weddings, they remind of my own Christmas wedding to my sweet Heather.

Into the Joy of the season! Larry

12 15_Bridger Mountais

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Memories of an August Wedding

Today I was in the process of created a new album for the upcoming Woodlands ‘Ever After’ bridal event. It brought back memories of an August wedding I won’t soon forget. Cheers to Anna and Chris! Thanks for having me photograph your most amazing wedding day.

Click the image below to view the album.

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San Diego wedding vows

Gorgeous. Lovely.

Amidst the beauty of a wedding day I often ponder the poignant nature of life, filled with joy, happiness, sadness, success, failure, beauty, life and death. Usually the tougher experiences of life remain in the background of our minds when in the presence of such joy.

On this day, the realism of these thoughts were more present and relevant. The wedding crowd was filled with Dress Whites and the word of the loss of brave soldiers abroad was a personal reality is this tight knit community of people. I just wanted to give a word of honor and respect to all of them.

That being said, Love and Joy ruled the day as we celebrated every single moment that we have to live and be. The sun shone brightly on this couple, their family, their friends and their church. It was an amazing experience! Enjoy the photos.

Happy grandma’s keeping things on time and going in the right direction!

a brother’s love

gorgeous, lovely!

a special surprise for the bride: a guitar solo by the groom! awesome.

a touching first dance

Here’s to love. May it be eternal.

self portrait, always looking up.

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film for Montana weddings

While I was shooting a family wedding in Grahamsville, NY I revisited my favorite film camera that doesn’t get a lot of use these days. I pulled out one of my cherished rolls of aged b&w film. Tmax 100 from 2005. Shooting film for Montana weddings is like tasting and enjoying a fine bottle of aged wine. Truthfully, this wedding was in upstate New York. I have a dozen or so rolls of this vintage film in my stash and I’m looking for the right clients to share it with! Today, not many people appreciate film, actually … not everyone even knows it exists today!!!! I get queries in the vein of “oh… do they still make film ?? # I thought they quit doing that!”  I usually respond with, “no, film is alive and well… it just costs more and takes more skill to use properly.”  At that point the conversation usually goes towards the wonders of digital capture and social media.

So here are the four outstanding images from the roll of 36 frames. Over half were keepers but I edited down to my favorite four. Sip slowly and enjoy the subtle and sublime nature of film.



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Human nature of weddings

Today, I’ve been working on a wedding that I photographed a few weeks back. Several images surfaced as I was editing and they reminded me of the beautiful nature of weddings; the human nature of weddings, full of all the funny, beautiful, serious and sublime moments that we share.

I’m off to Flathead Lake in the morning to witness this meaningful tradition once again. And, once again I can’t wait to see what beautiful moments arise!








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stuck in Livingston on a winter day

I slid home last night over the Bozeman pass at about 35 mph.  It was just the perfect mix of rain turning to snow with temperatures that were dropping.  It made the highway through the mountains a skating rink with impatient driver, some without snow tires.  It was sort of comical in a sick way.  I watched cars and trucks slide off the roadway in slow motion.  In a stretch of 10 miles I saw 4 vehicles off the road and two others that had collided and were sitting waiting for the tow trucks.

Well all that to say, winter is here and so today,  my car stayed in the driveway and I took a walk around the neighborhood to see the more beautiful aspects of a winter storm.

Livingston is so quaint when it gets snuggled in for the winter.  Enjoy the view.











Yeshe loves to make snow angels, doggie style.

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winter walk along the Yellowstone

Winter is an amazing time along the Yellowstone River. I took my camera for a walk today that recently froze up, pushing the river out of it’s normal boundaries. The visual result is stunning.

In February I’ll be teaching Yogatography again with Margaret Burns Vap. This time it will be at the Winter Wonderland Retreat in Clyde Park at the  Double T River Ranch . Our subject will be the ‘nature of winter’. We’ll be taking to the fields and the river bed around the ranch and learning more about seeing and capturing images of winter with our cameras.

Enjoy my black and white view of a winter walk along the Yellowstone river this morning. Larry







Yeshe always joins me! She often points me towards new things.







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Julie and Tyler – Big Yellow Barn June 2015

It was one of the last warm days on the Yellowstone River for awhile! Julie and Tyler had a gorgeous fall afternoon for their engagement photo session… just before winter set in.   A few days later the temperature plummeted and the snow began to fall.  Next June they will be married at the Big Yellow Barn in Springhill. Yes, I am already looking forward to spring time! Enjoy the photos!











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Engagement Session with Larry Stanley

What’s it like to be photographed by me?

A lot of couples show up to an engagement session not knowing what to expect and feeling like they have to somehow know how to model in front of the camera.  I tell them don’t worry, if you like to hold on to each other (and most couples like that A LOT!) then it’s a breeze.  I decided to make a few simple videos of this and upcoming engagement sessions to see exactly what it’s like to shoot with me.  This session was about an hour, give or take a few minutes.  I work quick, I have a lot of good camera licks, and I don’t belabor the process unnecessarily.  Basically… I just have fun making images.

Soooo…..  I thought I would put my brand new little GoPro to work at a recent engagement shoot.  It was November 8th… one of the last warm days of fall on the Yellowstone River.  A few days later we had a daytime high of 10 degrees!  Ouch, what a shocking experience that was.  Thanks to Julie’s sister for grabbing video snippets while I was shooting.

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Allison and Peter, Bozeman Wedding

Allison and Peter married early in October.  It was a sublime day under the ever changing magic of Montana skies.   Cloudy one moment, glowing the next and then out comes the most delicious sunshine on the golden trimmed stream next to their place of matrimony.   A very intimate and beautiful occasion!




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