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With over 25 years of diverse professional photographic experience Larry brings depth and insight to his work. His style is described as a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic portraiture, capturing "beauty... as it occurs naturally". Larry attended the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and is an International Award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association and an active member of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Raj and Gurleen – Yellowstone National Park proposal

Raj surprised Gurleen with his proposal in Yellow National Park. This couple is from Canada and were on the road to Chicago via Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Gurleen is pursuing her continued education towards her medical career in Chicago. Raj and I have been emailing, texting, plotting and planning for a bit now. Friday the big surprise became real.

Weather in the park went from warm with a slight overcast, to subtle rainbows in the sky, to double blazing rainbows and finally wildly stormy. Follow this couple through 3 hours of hiking, shooting, driving, a champagne toast and then the grand finale! In the end God shown his light upon this couple as they stood way above Yellowstone Lake on big rock, soaked with rain and love!!! Enjoy the view!

Raj and Gurleen, It was such a pleasure to share this time with you and “capture the rapture’… smiles Larry.

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Julia and Kevin – Bozeman wedding

Here’s a handful of highlights from last weekend’s wedding at the Woodlands in Bozeman. Jennie Lynn was primary shooter and held all the responsibilities of driving the boat… and I got to have some fun and shoot 2nd camera. Jen put the pressure on me when she told me to do my ‘creative thing’. That’s all I needed was a little nudge! This group was so full of joy and fun! We loved every minute of it. Now the pics!



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Lori and Russ – Flathead Lake wedding

Ah yes… Weddings! Lori and Russ were married at a private home at Finley Point on Flathead Lake in the presence of a small group of close family and friends. It was the celebration two people joining their lives together and much more. Celebrating those we marry, those we love, those that we have lost… and the gift of life that we have.  An hour or so before the ceremony the bride and her stepsister went to the lake and quietly honored Lori’s mother and brother who had both passed on.

It was a beautifully moving and cognizant day. Perhaps the images will say it better than my words.

So here’s to life, love and the celebration of each day that we have together!
Cheers Lori and Russ!

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Stephanie and Michael

On July 1st Stephanie and Michael joined their lives together at Chico Hot Springs Resort in the ever beautiful Paradise Valley.  Coming all the way from England, they chose to make Montana their destination wedding.  Friends and family came from near and far to join them on their wedding day, and a grand day it was!

Cheers to a long life together, full of joy and happiness! Enjoy a few highlights from the day’s events.

Many thanks to my extremely talented friend and professional photographer, David Clumpner for second shooting with me. Here, I caught him being his exuberant and funny self during our sunset photo shoot!  Several of these images were his work!  Thanks David!

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Big Sky Resort wedding

Big Sky Resort wedding

Chelsie and Vinny got married under Lone Peak and in spite of the weather forecasts in the days leading up to the wedding, it was an amazing day!   The mountains at the Big Sky Resort are immense, powerful and demand attention when photographing in the area.  What better background could you imagine for your wedding?  For my ‘second camera’, I had the rare pleasure of teaming up with a great friend and very talented photographer Dennis Rodgers for this event and we had a blast. Thanks Dennis!
Here is a sampling of the beauty of this special day full of meaningful moments.

Cheers to Chelsie and Vinny!!!

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Montana destination wedding

Montana Destination Wedding

Just in from England, Stephanie and Michael were greeted by beautiful springlike weather with a gentle rain shower in the hills above Livingston.  Stephanie vacationed in the area with her family when she was very young.  She and Michael chose to return here for their Montana destination wedding.  Chico Hot Springs is hosting this grand occasion and I am very much looking forward to it!

For the last year, we have only skyped and planned via email.  So, last night we had a little ‘meet and shoot’ at a private place near Livingston.  Such a happy and authentic couple, we hit it right off.

Love this place!!!

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Yellowstone Park marriage proposal


Where do I begin?  Early in May I received an inquiry from a young man that was bringing his love of 5 years to Yellowstone Park.  He was planning a surprise proposal in grand fashion!!!  A few emails later we were on the phone discussing plans  and considering the options.  Chris and Jen are from Austin.  Chris has been in the park before and has family in the region and it was his dream to propose marriage to his sweet Jen. I get excited about LOVE stories!

So I did a little recon and research and was surprised to find out that as of this year a professional photographer when working for hire is required to have a license. Evidently, if you’re caught shooting commercially with your clients the fines are stiff!  I set the wheels in motion and jumped through a bunch of hoops and this week I received my Official Yellowstone Park Guide status for Photography and Painting!!!   Never thought I’d do that. I guess I need a hat…. bhahha

Chris and I put together a carefully planned meeting time.  I showed up 30 minutes to get the lay of the land and get into place.  Oh, by the way we had exchanges photos so we could recognize each other!

The plan worked flawlessly.  They walked to the wall overlooking the falls, Chris dropped to one knee and everyone with 50 feet watched in awe and then cheered uproariously when Jen said yes as she broke into happy, happy tears.

Here is the event in images.  Afterwords we chased the sun around the park, making photos and ended up at Yellowstone Lake.  It was good day!  A VERY GOOD DAY!!!  enjoy the view.

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Cowgirls vs Cancer 2017

Well, I hope words serve me well at this late hour, but this is the hour that I have.  I will say again that it was an honor to spend time with you courageous and beautiful souls.  Personally, I have no idea of what it must be like to walk the path that you have trod.  However, I can see it in your eyes,  I can feel it in your hearts and hopefully I captured some of this in the images that I made.  Heather and I totally enjoyed spending the afternoon and evening with you all.  The dinner was fabulous, Kate and crew.  Jessica the music was moving!  Nicole you were amazing in serving every momentary need and in bringing Rem to the party. Lisa, your loving presence and happy heart is a pure gift. Margaret your unicorn cake was something from your heaven world! smiles…  and David, the most gracious host!  Molly and Henry your kindness shined brightly in assisting Karen in getting upon that horse so she could have that meaningful experience!  My only regret is that I didn’t grab that tent by the river for the evening and shared the campfire hours into the wee morning light.    And now a few images.  My camera does not lie… you are all SO beautiful!


Can I get an Amen?


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Springtime weddings

Paradise Valley, ah yes.  One of the most beautiful places around these parts.  Only 12 miles from my house and practically my backyard!  Since it’s so close I often shoot engagement sessions and weddings in this remarkably dramatic and beautiful place.  The Paradise Valley rarely disappoints!

It was no different this afternoon.  I was sitting up in the hills waiting for my clients to arrive and witnessed a storm gathering and then pouring rain in the south end of the valley.  Awesome.

Enjoy the view!

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Love is…

Love is in the air,
Love is in the earth,
Love is deep inside these two people.

Today I bear witness to love! It’s just that simple. Enjoy the view…

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