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With over 25 years of diverse professional photographic experience Larry brings depth and insight to his work. His style is described as a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic portraiture, capturing "beauty... as it occurs naturally". Larry attended the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and is an International Award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association and an active member of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS.

Yellowstone Park marriage proposal


Where do I begin?  Early in May I received an inquiry from a young man that was bringing his love of 5 years to Yellowstone Park.  He was planning a surprise proposal in grand fashion!!!  A few emails later we were on the phone discussing plans  and considering the options.  Chris and Jen are from Austin.  Chris has been in the park before and has family in the region and it was his dream to propose marriage to his sweet Jen. I get excited about LOVE stories!

So I did a little recon and research and was surprised to find out that as of this year a professional photographer when working for hire is required to have a license. Evidently, if you’re caught shooting commercially with your clients the fines are stiff!  I set the wheels in motion and jumped through a bunch of hoops and this week I received my Official Yellowstone Park Guide status for Photography and Painting!!!   Never thought I’d do that. I guess I need a hat…. bhahha

Chris and I put together a carefully planned meeting time.  I showed up 30 minutes to get the lay of the land and get into place.  Oh, by the way we had exchanges photos so we could recognize each other!

The plan worked flawlessly.  They walked to the wall overlooking the falls, Chris dropped to one knee and everyone with 50 feet watched in awe and then cheered uproariously when Jen said yes as she broke into happy, happy tears.

Here is the event in images.  Afterwords we chased the sun around the park, making photos and ended up at Yellowstone Lake.  It was good day!  A VERY GOOD DAY!!!  enjoy the view.

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Cowgirls vs Cancer 2017

Well, I hope words serve me well at this late hour, but this is the hour that I have.  I will say again that it was an honor to spend time with you courageous and beautiful souls.  Personally, I have no idea of what it must be like to walk the path that you have trod.  However, I can see it in your eyes,  I can feel it in your hearts and hopefully I captured some of this in the images that I made.  Heather and I totally enjoyed spending the afternoon and evening with you all.  The dinner was fabulous, Kate and crew.  Jessica the music was moving!  Nicole you were amazing in serving every momentary need and in bringing Rem to the party. Lisa, your loving presence and happy heart is a pure gift. Margaret your unicorn cake was something from your heaven world! smiles…  and David, the most gracious host!  Molly and Henry your kindness shined brightly in assisting Karen in getting upon that horse so she could have that meaningful experience!  My only regret is that I didn’t grab that tent by the river for the evening and shared the campfire hours into the wee morning light.    And now a few images.  My camera does not lie… you are all SO beautiful!


Can I get an Amen?


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Springtime weddings

Paradise Valley, ah yes.  One of the most beautiful places around these parts.  Only 12 miles from my house and practically my backyard!  Since it’s so close I often shoot engagement sessions and weddings in this remarkably dramatic and beautiful place.  The Paradise Valley rarely disappoints!

It was no different this afternoon.  I was sitting up in the hills waiting for my clients to arrive and witnessed a storm gathering and then pouring rain in the south end of the valley.  Awesome.

Enjoy the view!

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Love is…

Love is in the air,
Love is in the earth,
Love is deep inside these two people.

Today I bear witness to love! It’s just that simple. Enjoy the view…

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Real Montana Weddings

Our photography is about YOU, not about us!

We offer an alternative to cookie cutter wedding photography in Montana. SEE for yourself. BE yourself. It’s YOUR day.

Our work is authentic to who YOU are.
Our shooting style is unobtrusive.
Our images are full of the naturally occurring beauty of each moment.

We love Montana! We are most fond of the spectacular scenic wedding surroundings here in Montana, from Glacier to Yellowstone with occasional destination weddings around the country.

Here is a collection of links to several Real Montana Weddings we’ve captured in the recent past.

Audrey and Micah

Antonia and Rance

Melissa and Jarrod

Anna and Chris

And then, take a walk through our Portfolios and see for yourself.

Paradise Valley wedding by Larry Stanley

We are now booking for 2018, so contact us soon to reserve your date!


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Montana Engagement – Bozeman

Lori and Russ flew in this weekend to firm up all the details for their Flathead Lake wedding in July.  We all convened at a mutual friend’s home for image making, revelry and a celebratory dinner in honor this wonderful couple.  We were going to shoot together on Friday afternoon but the weather had it’s way. Later the clouds and precipitation gave way to the setting sun in the hills south of Bozeman.   I LOVE SPRING, and everything it brings!

Thanks to the Vaps for hosting this momentous Montana Engagement party.

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Shelly and Tom

Montana Engagement Photos

My friends Shelly and Tom are getting married this summer!!!  Springtime in the Rockies brings unique color into the sky, into the water and into our souls!  AND, when a sun halo appears overhead, before you even start shooting… THAT’S  DOWNRIGHT AUSPICIOUS!!! So happy to get to capture their engagement photos right here in Livingston, Montana.

Oh man I can’t wait to see what arises on the wedding day…  Congratulations Shelly and Tom!
















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photos for a Friday

Today is somewhat of a reflective day.  I have had an idea brewing in my mind lately that I should share some images that are meaningful to me as a photographer and a human being.  ‘Moments Found’ which touched me, each it’s own uniquely beautiful and poignant way.  So here goes.  I hope you enjoy these.

Big Sky Weddings_moments matter_06


And lastly, a picture of me with my VERY VERY BIG friend that I look forward to seeing again this September. I can’t wait to see what 2017 will bring!


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fashion and weddings

I have occasionally dabbled in fashion photography and certainly as a wedding photographer, shooting fashion is an important part the varied skill set that you have to have.  Last weekend I had the opportunity to help out a friend of mine Brittany Smith on a photo project she was shooting, along with the demonstrably amazing photographer Dennis Rodgers. The ‘talent’ was a stunning young lady, Michala Zambon who is represented by Major Models NYC.  Now you may think this is just a bunch of fluff about my friends, but I am serious.  Check out Brittany’s work… see for yourself.

I was excited to help with the duties of holding reflectors, lights, camera’s and stands against the winds of the Paradise Valley and shoot when time allowed. Paradise Valley is holy ground and it never disappoints with dramatically beautiful skies.  I can’t wait to see the images that Brittany produced for her project!

Eventually, we all ended up at the Rib and Chop House in Livingston for a great dinner and some special spirits that Dennis produced from his camera bag!   Here are some production stills and a few images of Michala that I grabbed during the shoot.

Brittany, thanks so much for allowing me to shoot alongside you and for giving your permission to share them here.


Checking out the angles



Dennis and Brittany


Chimping and smiling! Like kids in a candy shop.


Serious Brittany, bearing down on making the magic!



This is Dennis ‘standing in’ for Michala while we were scouting for perfect little locations. Look’n good D man!


And this is an image I made of Michala in the same place a bit later.


I had been hearing the Heron talking in the valley and sure enough a couple of them appeared over head. I was holding a reflector at the time, but my camera on my wrist strap!!! I LOVE MOMENTS!

Here’s an image that Dennis captured during some real weather drama!   Wow!


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Portrait and Engagement sessions

Making portraits is fast and fun… in my book. It’s all about helping my subjects to relax and have some fun and at least momentarily forgetting that they are being photographed. Then the real person is seen. Engagement portrait sessions are complimentary with my wedding packages and highly encouraged for my clients. It’s a ‘getting to know you’ time for all of us, and this makes the photos on the wedding day a breeze.  Besides, it’s a hoot and it get’s me out of the studio, camera in hand!

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