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With over 25 years of diverse professional photographic experience Larry brings depth and insight to his work. His style is described as a unique mix of wedding photojournalism and scenic portraiture, capturing "beauty... as it occurs naturally". Larry attended the Art Center School of Design in Pasadena, California and is an International Award winning member of the prestigious Wedding Photojournalist Association and an active member of FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS.

‘your’ real Montana wedding

Our photography is about YOU, not about us!

We offer an alternative to cookie cutter wedding photography in Montana.  SEE for yourself.  BE yourself.  It’s YOUR day.

Our work is authentic to who YOU are.
Our shooting style is unobtrusive.
Our images are full of the naturally occurring beauty of each moment.

We love Montana!  We are most fond of the spectacular scenic wedding surroundings here in Montana, from Glacier to Yellowstone with occasional destination weddings around the country.

Here are a collection of links to several Real Montana Weddings we’ve captured in the recent past.

Audrey and Micah

Antonia and Rance

Melissa and Jarrod

Anna and Chris

And then, take a walk through our Portfolios and see for yourself.

Paradise Valley wedding by Larry Stanley

We are now booking for 2018, so contact us soon to reserve your date!


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two souls become as one

What I love!

I love it when my clients get so into being with one another that they forget about me snapping away.  Chelsie and Vinny were in that place last year during their engagement shoot.  In my mind, that’s what an engagement shoot should be ALL ABOUT!   I walked away from this shoot thinking… ‘Oh My God that was crazy beautiful’ giddy and laughing to myself as if I was a little boy! I guess I am in some ways!  hahahhabhahah.  I knew I had just captured something extremely special!

I dubbed this little video “two souls – become as one”

If you are looking for authentically beautiful imagery for your engagement and wedding… I would love to be considered!

Enjoy the view!

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portraits: a glimpse of the Soul

Portrait: A Glimpse of the Soul

Making portraits is very personal to me. There is no crowd of people, nor grand wedding event in the process. It is just me and the individual or family that I am capturing moments with. It is a completely different experience from photographing weddings. It’s much more intimate on a soul level. Today I sat down and reviewed a few years of portrait images and found this collection that is very moving and meaningful to me. I feel so grateful for my chosen profession, the path that I have both chose and was led to in this life!

I hope you enjoy this one minute collection.

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the big spin

I had some fun with my Go Pro at a dress shoot I did for After 5 and Weddings.  I was plopping my little camera around the room and grabbing candid video clips while I was shooting some wedding dress fashion.  This was one of my favorites.  We were getting all set up for the stills of this beautiful gown modeled by the lovely Sarah Bates.

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A really Big Sky Wedding with a Texas twist

Stephanie and Jay

Today I am working on cleaning the cob webs out of this blog that I have kept rolling for many years now. I rediscovered this Rainbow Ranch wedding in 2009 and it grabbed me!!!  This wedding will pluck your heart strings. Both the Johnson’s and the Turner’s are big on FAMILY… and this big family style wedding packed into the Soldier’s Chapel and then spread out on the lawn at the Rainbow Ranch , one of favorite wedding venues for years!!!

So, cheers to Jay and Stephanie!

Me, I’m very grateful for crossing paths with so many wonderful couples over the past 15 years!  And… it ain’t over yet!

Here’s a link to the album. Enjoy!

Jay and Stephanie’s Big Sky wedding

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Julia and Kevin – Bozeman wedding

Summer weddings are coming up quickly!  I still have one Saturday in July open and a couple in August.  I loved this wedding at the Woodlands in Bozeman last July. Jennie Lynn was primary shooter and held all the responsibilities of driving the boat… and I got to have some fun and shoot 2nd camera. Jen put the pressure on me when she told me to do my ‘creative thing’. That’s all I needed was a little nudge! This group was so full of joy and fun! We loved every minute of it. Now the pics!



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Big Sky winter elopement

Big Sky winter wedding… and they eloped! Yep, Shelley and Brian flew in from North Carolina and headed toward their mountain top destination wedding with two dear friends.  Big Sky greeted them in style with sunshine, lot’s snow and it’s amazing winter scenery!  I love the bright sun on snow, it does something really good for my brain!  It was a heart felt ceremony with time for laughs, tears and pause to look to our maker with reverence!  Afterward they enjoyed a delicious meal and headed to Yellowstone National Park for snowmobiling and the scenic wonder of Yellowstone in winter!

It was a great way to begin another year of Big Sky and Montana weddings.  After all, I incorporated Montana Wedding Photographer 15 years ago!  My how time flies.

Live with an open heart, an inquisitive mind and … enjoy the view!


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flip’n cold engagement session!

Breckyn and Thomas were up for a snowy and cold engagement session and of course… I was all in!  We headed down by the Yellowstone river and braved the storm that was blowing in.  This was definitely a mini session.  It was about 20 degrees with 20 mph gusts!  I shot until my fingers got numb and I noticed that the camera was actually starting to slow down a bit.  I think 10 minutes was plenty long before we hustled back to our cars! I am looking forward to their Rainbow Ranch Lodge wedding in July wedding in Big Sky, Montana

Enjoy the view!

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Big Sky Resort wedding

Big Sky Resort wedding

Chelsie and Vinny got married under Lone Peak and in spite of the weather forecasts in the days leading up to the wedding, it was an amazing day!   The mountains at the Big Sky Resort are immense, powerful and demand attention when photographing in the area.  What better background could you imagine for your wedding?  For my ‘second camera’, I had the rare pleasure of teaming up with a great friend and very talented photographer Dennis Rodgers for this event and we had a blast. Thanks Dennis!
Here is a sampling of the beauty of this special day full of meaningful moments.

Cheers to Chelsie and Vinny!!!

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Chico Winter Wedding

Peter and Ashley came all the way from Scotland last Christmas for this Chico Winter Wedding… and splendid it was!  From the warmth of the ceremony, to the receiving line in the Saloon, to the sub freezing temperatures in the mountains above, this wedding was SPLENDID indeed.

If you are planning a winter wedding in Montana, think of Chico Hot Springs and contact me about your photography!

A personal note to Peter and Ashley.  It was such a pleasure to be a part of your wonderful wedding day and welcomed so graciously by all of your family.  Cheers and Merry Christmas!  Larry Stanley


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