The Gift Worth Giving wedding of 2011

Well, last Sunday was a big day at the Springhill Pavilion. Our Gift Wedding project is complete for 2011. Heidi Turney and Tanner Lagge are husband and wife. You can read alot about this annual event at The Gift Worth Giving.
As Founders of this event, Megan Jacks, Jena Silverness and I had a few minutes during the toasts to say a few things. When it was my turn, I sorted though my thoughts and proceeded to share my feelings about this experience and this couple. As I spoke and looked around the Pavilion, the full impact of this entire experience flooded me with so much joy, I could hardly blubber out a few thoughts.

I am so pleased to have had a hand in making this wedding day a reality for Heidi and Tanner, their families and most especially in honor of Bobby Joe Turney, Heidi’s deceased father. Perhaps I can put some words on paper sometime soon and share more of this experience. But for now the photos.

Congratulations to Heidi and Tanner!

Heidi releasing a dove in memory of her father.